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Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012, 13:15

My very first CAT di-cast model; 140M 1:50 scale grader (weathered)

I went ahead and got me, my first CAT 140M 1:50 scale grader. So here is my very first 1:50 scale model. The model look pretty good but it needed details. As you all know, detail, is what I strieve for in all my builds regardless of the type of model. So I did some minor scratch building and used some parts from my 'Misc. Box' to create some of the instruments I have seen on most graders around the world. So, here is my redition of the CAT 140M

if you are wondering what the steel netting at the back of the window is for; I got the idea from construction in areas that were in war stricken countries where angry mobs would throw stones on foreign vehicles. These nettings were a way to protect the driver from being injured by stones or smaller projectiles by angry mobs.

Before pics:

After Pics:

Now I have added hydraulics hoses to the most visible areas (I'd had a little more but the location was a bit tight., I'll just satisfy myself to the ones I already have installed. I think the extra stuff has made the model a little more fun to watch. At least I think so. A thing that would have to be even better, if you could take off the cab and add and paint some details in there. However, it was impossible to pick off the cab without ruining it. So the cab as it is. Untouched.