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Montag, 6. Juli 2015, 04:34

1/18 Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3 Lemon Tea Beverage '2014 Macau GT CUP

Good Morning!

I am fresh to here. I would like to share my new project. I am converting Autoart 1/18 Aston Martin V12 GT3 Racing Green to Lemon Tea Beverage sponsored in ''2014 Macau GT CUP.
The auto was driven by Darryl O' Young, HongKonger :ok: . Even though the car failed to win in the race, the public favourite to the car very much. The smart yellow color and famous local brand beverage sponsored gets a big noise.

The diecast is not never available to be in market. So, I do an own piece for me. :lol:

Autoart newly adopts the material for making body. This is injection ABS composite plastic. However, this is not big influence to disassemble and repaint the car. The auto was disassemble by cutter and flush cutter.
Meanwhile, the body was sank into a tank of Retarder for decolourized for about 1.5~2 hours. The paint peels off with brushing. :prost:

The body was washed with fresh water and dry out. She gets ready to spray white base and new colour. :thumbup:

We dresses on the waterslide. This is made by :idee:
This is quite easy to use. We use it as is normal decal.

We use spraying pen to have clear coat. It is Gaia Ex-03. I have never tried this before. it is easy to use. The appearance looks glossy very much. :D I have 4 times thin spraying & 3 layers of wet coat.
Thus, We have to wait for 2 weeks until the coat drying out. :kaffee: We will polish the orange peel and bring a glossy texture to the auto. Please await for updates. Thank you for your attention! :tanz:



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Montag, 6. Juli 2015, 07:24


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Bitte kurzfristig korrigieren.

Gruß Stefan

edit: Bilder von mir bearbeitet!